Bob and Annapurna Slaymen

Missionaries to Mongolia: Bob and Annapurna Slaymen

Bob and Annapurna Slaymen are a young family from Tennessee.  They have four children. Woodrow, 11, Wyatt 10, Chadwick, 5 and Nandadevi.   God has called them to Mongolia to assist missionaries, Trina and Mickey Cofer.  They will be helping in the renovation an old Soviet factory property for the purpose of developing a ministry that can equip young men and women to reach into the far corners of Mongolia and beyond with the gospel.  They will help with the ongoing work of maintenance and repair once the factory restoration is complete.  As a skilled tradesmen, welder and general contractor, Bob will help teach Mongolians a skilled trade that can benefit them in providing for their families. They will work in the youth camp and college counselor training program, as well as be on the ground floor of developing and teaching classes at a Bible Institute for ministry training. We will also be working in the church and doing community outreach, visitation and evangelistic programs.

  July 2020  
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